The youngest member who often can’t keep up with the gang, gets tired easily due to needing lots of sleep as a growing kitten.


The only female cat in the gang, cheerful and has some sweet spots, although her friends rarely see them. She is calm, reliable, and always there for her friends.


A gray stray cat who is the leader of the gang because he is stronger than anyone else. He has so much energy because he eats a lot.


Ollie is a lonely cat who has to stay at home alone while his owner is at work. His owner enjoys dressing him up in cute outfits, but sometimes Ollie doesn’t like it because he doesn’t always like the clothes that his owner picks out for him.


Jamila’s pet who is never sad and fun to be with. Jump Jump Jump! is how she goes anywhere.


If you would like to travel anywhere, just let him know. He owns a spaceship, universal bus, and many more special vehicles. Please don?t ask what a specie he is because he is actually from outer space.
Let?s find out the most amazing place you never visit!


Exploring new things is what he love best. His dream is to travel around universe; every star and planet. Not only that he love traveling, he is very interesting in culture in different places. The fact that he has 4 ears helps his to listen and understand ones better.
There are so many living creatures in this universe that he would like to see and feel. You might be on the list.


A lovely giraffe who is the best vegetarian chef.
All kinds of salad you can ever imagine!


A whale who is cheerful and optimistic never waits for another minute in deciding to help anyone in trouble. Divers from any country would definitely want to meet!


Not born as a genius, this little duck, with positive attitude, always try, try, and try harder!


A smart penguin who usually invents something new to the world. His ideas many time come from a small problems of his neighbor, Kamomo. He once said, You never know that little things you discover today can make a big change.


Koko is a silent ermine who love peace and acorn. He fell in love at first sight with mina and has taken very good care of her ever since.


A pretty ermine who lives in woodland?where almost everything is covered in snow. She loves apple and is romantic at heart.


An alpaca from Melbourne who loves playing game on a lazy day. He believes that? everyone should have time for relaxation. ?Too busy is not an expectable excuse?.


Gerenuku loves music. It probably is the only gerenuk in the world that can play piano and other music instruments.


She is a very peaceful loving whale who likes to go on an adventure with Kuro and Ota.