About Us

It all about smile =)

Mmm? Oh, Hi there! Nice to meet you! We are stationery creater founded in 2011. Everything started when we had a great goal in mind to fulfill our personal mission. Wanna know the secret? Our mission is to see the smiles on your face!

We started out with just notebook but of course, we know it wouldn’t be enough for a girl’s daily life. That’s when we started to create other products to serve your convenience on daily basis life. Every girl has a hectic schedule and busy life, it’s tough to be a teenagers and we understand that. So far, We have a notebook, schedule planner, pencil case and our newest product, scarf. We’re thinking of doing even more products and we’d like to hear your thoughts on what you girls want us to create for you ;)!

We want to be the one whom people share their wonderful stories with and be there to memorize every step of your journey throughout the years. So why just a book is not enough? Of course, it wouldn’t feel complete for a girls without any cute characters! Every Sweet Summer’s characters on every product is carefully designed to bring out the smiles, cheerfulness, and joyfulness out from your soul. We want to make sure our customers will feel encourage to WRITE, DRAWS, and turn on the next page. : )