The Long Neck Gang

The long necked gang like to hang out together during weekend.
They cook, read books, dance, do yoga etc.
Two words to describe life is relax and happy.




Gerenukku ジェレヌック君

Species : Gerenuk also known as the Waller's gazelle

Height : -

Gerenuku loves music. It probably is the only gerenuk in the world that can play piano and other music instruments.

Albert アルバート君

Species : Alpaca

Height : -

An alpaca from Melbourne who loves playing game on a lazy day. He believes that? everyone should have time for relaxation. ?Too busy is not an expectable excuse?.

Kirintaro キリン太郎君

Species : Giraffe

Height : -

A lovely giraffe who is the best vegetarian chef.
All kinds of salad you can ever imagine!