Majory : Space Traveler

Jamila and Caliko went to a travel agency as they like to visit the Earth. Travel guide, Majory, took them to see many countries around the world such as France, Japan, Italy etc. They like experiencing things that they have never done; drink cola, lay down on beach etc. They had fun and hope to visit again.

Mobile screen

Majory : Happy Space !


Majory : Let’s Go to The Beach! 

Majory : Cafe Theme

Majory : Christmas!



Majory : Vol.3




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If you would like to travel anywhere, just let him know. He owns a spaceship, universal bus, and many more special vehicles. Please don?t ask what a specie he is because he is actually from outer space.
Let?s find out the most amazing place you never visit!


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Exploring new things is what he love best. His dream is to travel around universe; every star and planet. Not only that he love traveling, he is very interesting in culture in different places. The fact that he has 4 ears helps his to listen and understand ones better.
There are so many living creatures in this universe that he would like to see and feel. You might be on the list.


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Jamila’s pet who is never sad and fun to be with. Jump Jump Jump! is how she goes anywhere.