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“Uni” A life-style blogger who loves exploring the Little Sweet Town! Uni has lovely friends and they have their own interests and fantastic jobs. Everyday is a new day!!

Soo…. What are we gonna do today~?

Uni loves creating online contents, going out and chit-chat with his friends. He has a lot of subscribers and followers on his social account.

Riz – A little squirrel girl who loves baking fresh breads! She has a bakery shop downtown. Uni often came to visit her in the morning. Her pestry is the best in this town, Absolutely.

On Uni’s online blog, There are new updates of Riz’s menu every week. He’s the first one who tried it. 

Not too far from downtown, there is a big garden that belongs to Keme the turtle. He grows all the plants himself and sells them at a low price. His garden is so peaceful so… he usually falls asleep many times. 

Sometimes, there is an uncommon plant appears in his garden…

If you are talking about fashion things, you can’t forget “Hamony”. Her clothes shop located in the center of downtown and near Riz’s bakery shop. She loves dresses and cute stuffs.




[THEME] Cat Company : Home Tour

I usually bring friends over to my place when my captor isn’t home. My cat friends are so excited to see my place and wanted to hold a party next time. I let them enjoy the sofa while watching TV. The only rule to keep now is that all the cats cannot vomit on the carpet. They have to leave before my captor will be back and I will pretend nothing has ever happened. 

[Theme] Hoshio on Stage

Hi guys! This is Hoshio speaking.. mic check 1..2..3… Well, this year is a bit different for us because my nephew and little blue penguins are asking us to join the singing contest. 

First I thought I couldn’t do it. I could never be on stage and sing! Kamomo insisted that we all should try out and for the sake of my little nephew. OMG! We did it. It was SUPER!! We practiced a lot and it went great. 

Thank you everyone for letting me have this awesome opportunity. 


Mobile Wallpaper

[Theme] Little Amiko : Flower Flow

While some are living where snow is covered all over, some are in flower season.

Flower season is Little Amiko’s most favorite season of the year. Every bloom has its own charm and those little ones combine to make the town much more beautiful and colorful. It also brings the Little Amiko gang together every year (somewhere in the park :)). 

Little Amiko wishes you a smooth and successful pathway where the flowers always flow along the gentle breeze. Happy New Year everyone!

Theme : Little Amiko – Star Party

Little Amiko : Star Party

แนะนำธีมใหม่ น้องๆแก๊งลิตเติ้ล เอมิโกะ

ที่เหล่าก๊วนเพื่อน เอมิลี่ เคธี่ เบน แซม และ สกาย ชวนกันขึ้นไปปาร์ตี้กับเหล่าบนดวงดาวบนท้องฟ้า ในคืนแสนหวาน ที่ทั้งสนุก และอบอุ่นไปพร้อมๆกัน

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