[Product] Sweet Summer – Griptok




New Collection! Update new patterns from Sweet Summer 💟

Griptok for mobile phone 🤩

Comes with the cutest new pattern><

There are 6 designs to choose from.

Product details

❤ Griptok can be stretched to 2 levels, used for setting your mobile phone on a table to watch clips, movies, or comfortably hold it to take selfies.

❤ Printed in bright colors, coated on the front with acrylic, strong and durable.

❤ Use 3M glue for high bonding power. Does not fall off easily

❤ Easy to clean. Doesn’t take up space in the bag.

❤ Helps support the mobile phone so that it does not directly touch the surface when placed in various places.

❤ Can be attached to the case on any surface.

❤ It is recommended to clean before peeling off the glue. In order to stick firmly and durable

💝 Price 90 baht

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