[Product] Sweet Summer – Little Amiko Step by Step Drawing Book




New Arrival !!💕

Little Amiko Step by Step Drawing Book

Book “Draw cute pictures, Little Emiko style”

Drawing practice book for everyone That will help you learn the basics of drawing in a fun way through the cute Little Amiko character🥳😍


🖍The book contains:

– Step-by-step drawing lessons, easy to understand.

– There is space to draw within the book. You can pick up a pencil and pen and start working right away.

– Colorful illustrations attract attention

– Cute Little Amiko characters help you feel fun while drawing.

– Simple drawing techniques that can actually be used


✏️Little Amiko Step by Step Drawing Book suitable for:

– Anyone who wants to start drawing Practice skills from the basics

– Want to find activities to relax and practice meditation

– Children who love drawing Including parents who want to find books to teach drawing to their children.


📍Who wants to try out new activities? You must not miss it ❤

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Price per book 229 baht

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